Judith and Kevin

As I walked home one night in I passed a living room with no curtains and a single light source; the TV. Inside I saw a very young boy and a very old lady sitting on the couch. I wondered about their connection and why they both looked so at home in that living room.

Only a few days later I coincidently met the boy, Kevin, playing with his brothers Lorenzo and Ricardo. Kevin told me he was living with his great grandmother, Judith, since he was little. And so I got to know a unique household.

I became a regular visitor. “Cup of tea? Cup of coffee? Cookie?” Judith would always ask me. Kevin then would have to get up and actually pour me a cup. I saw a loving relationship in which Kevin took a lot of responsibility. He cooked, washed, cleaned… Slowly, though, their relationship changed as both grew older; Kevin into a teenager who needed space and Judith into a fragile lady who needed more and more care. It was heartbreaking to see this happening.

This edit shows their life together, romanticized.

Elske Verdoorn mob – Judith and Kevin01
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Elske Verdoorn mob – Judith and Kevin02
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Elske Verdoorn mob – Judith and Kevin03
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